Direct Link to Radio 1 "Listen Live" Online Stream

Last Updated on: January 28, 2023

For those of you that listen to Radio 1 over the internet, this might come in handy:

It is the direct link to the online stream, so you can paste this into an application like Winamp, VLC or whatever you use instead of having to keep a browser window open.

I am sure BBC don’t mind you using it like this, but the URL is buried in the HTML and is quite tricky to find (because of the frames). Hopefully, this will save you some digging.

Thanks for all the comments and extra info!

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  1. Excellent, work block all radio sites, even through WMP, but opening this URL seems to have worked! Mint. (Knew our IT was Pants!).

  2. Fantastic. Thanks, been suffering with radio 1 cutting out randomly whilst listening through real player or real alternative for months.
    Posting this link in to WMP has stopped me needing to restart it every 10-20 mins!

  3. Thanks!
    Both links work, the top one is low bandwidth and Penna’s link is the high quality stream ;oP

  4. I have to give you more credit. My internet buggered up so I have a slinky (very wireless sensitive) little DELL. I plugged in to the swiss free broadband system. This link has not broken once.
    I had found the low bandwith BBC thing but this has been seamless for 6 hours. Amazing. TY TY TY

  5. superb. thanx. this works for me was using other ones which dont work no more. Thanx. brilliant !

  6. Thanks alot for this link for some reason my work blocked this site and i dont think i could work without radio 1 playing so its very apprciated
    from a Brit in stockholm

  7. This is a really cool link and guess what if you change the “1” in the above URL to a “2” you get radio two. Brill !!!!!!

  8. No problem guys!
    Thanks for the info on that @CtM
    @GP – the links was hidden within the player popup, inside a frame. Takes a little bit of web dev knowledge to figure it out, but I got there!
    Keep listening guys and don’t forget the podcasts on BBC, love the Radio1 ones, especially Moyles, Mills and the Annie Mac Mashup!

  9. Works in VLC, but WMP open the website in ”now playing”, but just says ”connecting to media”, The hi bandwidth stream only uses like 10-14 KB/s (or 0.16 Meg) so even on very slow connections it should stream fine. Flawless on my 1.5 meg residential connection with light web browsing/ online Gaming at the same time. Will cut out if downloading large files tho.

  10. Edit: I forgot to close WMP and after about 10 mins I noticed Radio 1 was playing twice, WMP had finally connected. Took its time so it does work (kinda) I am pretty sure BBC radio 1 offered a WMP link on the radio 1 site before. i had it saved as a playlist years ago for use at school. The site was never blocked tho.

  11. Thanks Man, just re-installed windows and lost this dam this is so hard to get considering it’s the BBC and it’s Radio 1 and it’s Winamp ! dam them all !

  12. Shame, my work filters are too clever for this – I will have to revert to singing to myself instead – thanks anyway!

  13. Don’t worry, the page is staying!
    I take it you were listening to Danny Howard on NYE? It was a great set, I heard it too.. and he is from Blackpool 😉

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