Grave of the Fireflies, by Studio Ghibli

Last Updated on: January 28, 2023

A couple of years ago, I watched a film called Spirited Away. It’s a highly acclaimed Japanese anime produced by Studio Ghibli. I’m a fan of Japanese culture in general, so I enjoyed watching this imaginative and creative story with its curious Japanese edge.

So last night I watched another film by Studio Ghibli; Grave of the Fireflies. This was a big contrast to Spirited Away; it’s a brutal and honest account of wartime and its effect on people and communities.

The story follows a young brother and sister after an air raid destroys their village. It focuses on the youngsters’ ambition to live life normally, despite losing their family and being shunned by relatives and ignored by everyone else.

In typical anime style, the characters are fantastic, and the entire film is beautifully animated. The mix of this and the dark storyline helps to create the atmosphere of living life in wartime, the harsh realities of death and the basic human drive to survive.

This is one of the saddest films I have seen and has had a real impact on me. I strongly recommend Grave of the Fireflies, although I have to warn you that it’s a deeply moving, tragic and realistic story.

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  1. I watched Spirited Away after hearing good reviews about it – I enjoyed it and found it very different from the usual Japanese cartoons available. I used to watch a lot of Manga cartoons, but they some of them started getting weird – I’m sure you know what I mean! 🙂

  2. Yeh I do know what you mean, it can be a little difficult to watch some of the extreme Manga stuff. But the Studio Ghibli films are great and I think most people can get into them, as long as they can get past the whole “im watching a cartoon” thing…!

  3. I watched this movie a year ago and it still gets to me. I nearly cried watching this (I was forcing myself not to).
    This movie should be required viewing for everyone on earth.

  4. really good but super depressing…couldn’t hold back the tears… gives you a real picture of the harsh realities of war ahown through the eyes of the innocent…

  5. i remembered a year ago , i just watched the movie.
    and for a week , the images in the movie is still on my mind.
    Now I dont think i’m able to watch this movie again.
    it’s very powerful movie , no doubt about it.
    Must watch for everyone

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