Is Your Marketing Congruent?

Last Updated on: September 5, 2023

A crucial part of online marketing is improving your congruency.

It’s a clever word but a simple idea; make everything look and feel the same.

Your visitors will feel confused and overwhelmed if you don’t make them feel comfortable.

Comfort comes from familiarity.

Focus on familiarity in these areas throughout your adverts, videos, landing pages, lead capture forms, checkout pages etc.

  • Colours – match the colour scheme or have some standard colours
  • Fonts – If you have used them in your ad image, match them on your landing page
  • Images – Use the same or similar images throughout the process
  • Copy – If you tell a story in your advert, reference it and follow it through on your landing pages. Keep the same copy style throughout
  • Logo – Include your logo where you can in all areas
Keep your marketing style consistent everywhere for good congruency

Getting clicks and traffic is easy but having them trust you enough to hand over money (or even just an email address) is where the clever work is.

Congruency is the first step to earning their trust.

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