On Letting Go

Last Updated on: September 5, 2023

Sometimes, we continue blindly on a path that no longer serves us.

When we started that path, we found a stubborn drive to continue. Now we are using every bit of energy we can find to keep going.

Along with that drive, we must also find time for regular reflection.

Do we still want this? Can we still achieve this? Is there something better?

The landscape of our life constantly changes. Give yourself permission to change and let go consciously.

What can we let go of?

Letting go can apply to concrete goals, ambitions, beliefs, friends & family, sports, hobbies, projects, desires, and more.

When we think of letting go, it is often a finality.

We think of cancelling a work project, cutting a friend out of our life, or stopping playing sports altogether.

But, most often, letting go of our attitude, expectation, and approach is the better option.

How do we let go?

We can take the goal of the work project and restructure it into a new one.

We can change the expectations of our relationship with a friend and open up to a new way of connecting.

We can let go of the old ambitions of the sport we play and open up to a new way of enjoying.

How? Lean into the pain, frustrations, and ambivalence, and look with a new mind and new eyes.

How would we approach this project if we started on it today?

Would we create friendship differently if we met today? What would we do together?

Would we have a different goal on this work project if we started planning fresh today?

How would we approach this sport if we started with today’s mind, body and ambitions?

Letting go is not losing.

It is important to remember that letting go is not losing something, closing doors or letting the walls close in.

It is opening doors to new possibilities and experiences that we did not yet conceive.

Only by letting go can we truly move forward and have a deeper, more meaningful life.

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