Starting a New Project is Simple and Hard

I start my projects with a very simple motivation.

Start now and do something.

You can spend weeks, months and years of your life planning for an idea. Planning is very important and something I am passionate about.

More important than planning is taking action. Take action now, take action tomorrow and keep taking action until your idea fruits.

When a new thing appears in the world, I often hear people say “I had that idea!”

People have ideas all day, every day. Ideas are cheap. Ideas are fun. Ideas are exciting.

Ideas that turn into reality are few and far between.


As we sit down and start working on our idea, it feels like hard work. What we thought was simple starts to get complex. What we thought was quick starts to suck our time.

That initial excitement of the idea gets you started and it might even get you past the first few hurdles.

But it soon fades in the face of reality.

You need a real drive to get you further. You need a determination that cannot be knocked. You need a stubbornness that stops you giving up.

Of course, there is also a time and a way to give up. It should be done with careful consideration and intention.

I have given up on many ideas and will give up on even more in the future. (I will cover this in a future post).

Remember that even when you give up on an idea, you will have learned some lessons and shown yourself that you can make progress.

Overthinking will kill your enthusiasm and fear of failure will stop your progress.

Put them out of your mind, pick up your pen/keyboard/instrument/body and make a small start today.

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