The Million Dollar Homepage Poster

Last Updated on: February 18, 2023

As most web geeks will know, the million-dollar homepage was your classic simple-genius idea and prompted people worldwide to proclaim, “I could have done that”.

In fact, many people have since done that. Still, none to anywhere near the success of Alex Tew, who famously paid his way through University (and much more!) with the simple concept of selling advertising space at $1 per pixel on a single-page website with 1 million pixels available.

The Million Dollar Homepage, in all its glory

Now, a couple of years on, Firebox has started selling a poster of the website, as shown in the picture accompanying this post. My first thoughts were tacky, but actually looking at it I can see a retro appeal, especially a few years down the line.

It is a real bit of history (for all of us aspiring to make big money online anyway) and is so brash in the colour that it could work.

If I had somewhere for it, I might invest…

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