LinkedIn Hell

Last Updated on: October 23, 2022

I get direct messages from strangers daily on LinkedIn, and I scan them all.

How many have I replied to in the last three years?


AI created this image with the term “LinkedIn chat hell”

Not a single message has convinced me it’s worth my time to reply.

Harsh? Maybe. But every conversation is a time and energy cost.

My tips for improving your cold conversations on any platform:

  • If you can, find a mutual acquaintance who can introduce you. This is the best way by far.
  • Learn about the person and their business before starting a conversation.
  • NEVER ask for commitments in the first conversation. “When can you jump on a quick 10-minute call this week?” will get you ignored instantly.
  • Be clear about who you are and what you want. e.g. if you are a hiring agency pretending to be an individual to open conversations, you will eventually get found out and ignored for life.
  • It’s ok that you want something from me, and you will get points for honesty. Remember that business is about mutually beneficial relationships; show what we both might get from starting a conversation.
  • I shouldn’t need to say this, but… never copy and paste the same message to multiple people. We know.
  • It’s ok to follow up, but don’t be too clever. If you are following a quirky/funny script, then you will come across as desperate.
  • If you get ignored, don’t push too hard or hold a grudge. We are all busy, and there might be an opportunity in the future to connect.

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