Thank You Sir Bobby

Deaths of public figures and celebrities usually don’t affect me, but the news of Sir Bobby Robson’s Death came with a bit of emotion for me.

The 1990 world cup was a big part of my youth. Amongst the memories that stick out from it is Bobby Robson’s interview after being knocked out of the semi-final by Germany. His British pride, praise for the other teams, condemnation of Argentina’s dirty play and raw enthusiasm touched me even at such a young age.

I also remember as a kid attending soccer schools run by the FA and receiving badges, certificates and letters signed by the England manager. For me, this made Sir Bobby Robson more of a real person than anyone other football figure.

I guess it is these memories that make this quite emotional for me, coupled with the fact that I have grown up watching football with this great man always involved somewhere.

His leadership, passion and contribution to our wonderful game will not be forgotten. This is my small tribute to a legendary man, Sir Bobby Robson.

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