On Success

Last Updated on: September 5, 2023

Success is a garden.

Building your garden into something you are proud of takes a lot of work. That work takes time, and no shortcut will make it grow faster.

Once you see some progress, you might be tempted to rest and enjoy the garden. Stop and smell the roses from time to time, but remember that your garden needs more.

It needs your consistent attention, creativity and innovation. It doesn’t require a tremendous effort every day. Most days, it’s enough to keep the weeds away, the soil rich, and the roots hydrated.

Sometimes, that big tree, which may have served us well for years, reaches the end of its life. It can be tough to face that truth, but it must be done. Pull it out, break it down and use it to fertilise your new growth.

Your success is not a place to reach and rest. It’s sometimes nice to wander through, admire your work, and relax. Just don’t forget the things you do every day to keep it in bloom.

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