A Reminder to Live

Last Updated on: February 18, 2023

Sometimes we can get inspiration from unusual places and even tragedies. It can often take a strong and emotional experience to highlight what is truly important.

A death, be it someone close or an acquaintance, has always helped me reflect on how I am living my life and from that, I have had a lot of inspiration. When you realise how fragile life can be, problems are put into context – it is hard to take the little things too seriously when you do understand this.

Death and tragedies can be a positive reminder to focus on what is important and not take things too seriously.

In this way, I feel that I can take something positive from an upsetting situation. While it still makes me sad, I feel that it also helps me deal with it and remove the guilt that sometimes comes along with grief.

It often helps me remove indecisiveness and the fear we sometimes get over making decisions. We have to make tough decisions to move forward, and sometimes, these are the ones we avoid. When we understand life can be short, these decisions are easier.

What I hope is that this inspiration can stay with me and not be forgotten with time.

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  1. Very Nice article.. I was this some time ago. I use to take one good thing from every situation… You reminded me of my good time. Thanks..

  2. Oh! Carey what beautiful words x do you know, it is likely to be these very words that inspire me to remember to really live x
    As you know only a short while ago (in the scale of things), I was reminded of my own mortality, little did I know then that bigger sadness’ and fears were yet to come, the fragility of life became all too apparent. I always knew i was strong, but an inner strength I never imagined came over me. But although these events were a stark reminder, I often have a tendency to not really live my life to the full. Thank you for the poignant reminder x
    This inspiration will stay with me and not be forgotten with time x

  3. this is lovely carey and very true i think more peoplke shud take heed of these words and life wouldnt be as shit 4 some people as it is xxxxxjay

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